Change Changes You

It’s been a long 12 months of change for us and we are still not over it.

Change changes you, you know?

It isn’t easy and it’s not fun.  But, sometimes it’s necessary.

And this past year has been a year of necessary change – and at times, painful change.

When I began this piece, my intention was to share a list that chronicled changes we have experienced in the past year.

The list was overwhelming to even consider.  Poor ol’ mind. She crashed after listing the first general change.

  • the move here

I tried rebooting with a cup of coffee and even offered several minutes of quiet contemplation but all she could offer was a blank screen.

Ah, well….

Change changes you.

Change upsets the applecart and sends everything careening out of control.

Change creates chaos.

Change is emotional.

Change is difficult.

Change takes time.

Change is ongoing.

When a person says, “I’ve changed,” the implication is that change is a done deal.  They’ve changed the direction/attitude in which they were previously heading and locked in their new heading.

But, change is never a “done deal.” Not until we return to the dust from which we came.


Perhaps…instead of looking toward the end result and negative aspects of change, we should embrace the fact that every second we are new and that change is fluid…constant…a given if we are to grow…to live.

Instead of saying “I’ve changed,” we should say, “I’m changing.”

Every day brings change.  Every new thought, idea, bit of information…changes and redirects us in some way.

We fear change.  But, life is change.  Growth happens only when we embrace change.

I’m changing.  If you didn’t like who I was, or disagreed with what I said – hang on.  Don’t count me out just yet.  I’m changing.  I’m not who I was and I’m not yet who I will be.

The thoughts and comments expressed here today represent the author of this piece and who (and where she is) she is today, at this moment in time.  They do not necessarily represent those of whom I will be tomorrow, or this time next year. (And the edits I’ve made since beginning it are evidence of change happening even now.)

We tend to lock people into where they were and forget that life is fluid and change is constant.  We discount them and say “she will never change” when in fact she has changed and is changing even now.

I am changing, finding my way moment by moment through the events in time and place.

And, so are you.

Change often takes us on uncharted journeys without forewarning to prepare or seek direction.

I’m not “there” yet – wherever “there” is.  And, as much as you may think you are…you’re not either.

Let’s cut each other a little slack and stop being so judgmental. Change happens.  Let’s allow for the growth that comes because of it.


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