Going Virtual

For my entire life I’ve carried a Bible to church in the form of a physical “book” that I held in my hands and turned the pages of.

This past Sunday I experimented at church with my ipad and YouVersion.

I’ll admit – I was a bit reluctant to make the change, even if only for one day.  I like flipping through my Bible to find the passage.  I like hearing pages turn.  I like running verses and references when something comes to mind.  I like the familiarity of MY Bible and the ease with which I use it.  I can find things easily in it.  I feel comfortable with it and…yes…secure.

I’ll also admit – I liked the variety of versions YouVersion offered me and found the Sunday school lesson quite interesting as I flipped between versions with the flick of a finger.  And, my mind wandered not one time during the sermon – my eyes and attention were glued to the scripture on my ipad as I flipped between versions and listened attentively to the sermon.

It was a good experiment with a positive outcome. Will I place my Bible on the shelf and make the ipad my church companion from here on out?

Probably not.

Perhaps I’m too old school and just like the comfort of the familiarity of the scripture in book form.

Or, perhaps I know the temptation would be too great and I would sneak a peek at other things on my ipad.  😉


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