R rated Christian film

I’ve not checked it out, so I’ll take Todd Starnes’ word for it.

The zombies don’t even come close to being as scary as the Baptists if you believe the Motion Picture Association of America.

The MPAA slapped an R rating on “My Son,” a small-budget film made by the congregation of Retta Baptist Church in Burleson, Tex.

“They told us it was because of violence and drug use portrayed in the film,” Pastor Chuck Kitchens told Fox News. “I was very shocked. It makes me sick at my stomach.”

The pastor said the church’s film does not include foul language, sex scenes or nudity. He did confirm there was violence surrounding a hostage standoff in the church as well as some drug usage.

But Kitchens said the violence was neither gory nor gratuitous. By comparison he pointed out the MPAA gave “World War Z” and “BULLY” PG-13 ratings. And “Jobs,” which included scenes featuring LSD and marijuana usage got a PG-13 rating. Read more.

R rated Christian film??

It must be one convicting, convincing and completely candid piece to receive this rating from the MPAA.

If it shows in my area, you can be certain this is one film I plan to go see.

What will people say if they see me going into an R rated movie? Eh, those people are already talking about me anyway…this will just keep them busy a little longer and give you a break…and a chance to see it yourself.  😉


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