Glittering Gold

As we journeyed home, I noticed what appeared to be a golden ring standing on edge at the side of the road.  A golden glint seemed to encircle it.

I mentally marked the place and when opportunity presented itself, asked Hubby to turn around and head back the way we had come…and stop where I instructed.  He asked why and I told him that I’d seen something in the road…something that appeared to be a golden ring standing on its edge.

It had looked to be about the size of my wedding ring.  How it was managing to remain upright and standing on edge boggled my brain.  I couldn’t imagine.

Hubby stopped where and when I said, and I hopped out of the car, eager to find out what the golden circle was.

It took me only a moment to find it – still gleaming golden in the afternoon light.

I laughed as I claimed it from the roadside.

“It” was a yellow zinc plated flat washer and tap bolt. Bolt and washer

The reason the golden “ring” stood on edge was – the end of the bolt rested on the pavement, which kept the “ring” upright, somewhat like in this picture.

Hubby asked what I’d found and I opened my hand to reveal my treasure.  We both laughed.

“It” was placed beside my laptop – a reminder.

All that glitters is not gold.

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