Proactive or Reactive?

Our second chilly Autumn morning dawned clear and bright.

Daughter headed out to her car with jaw set and determination in her eyes. There wouldn’t be a repeat of yesterday’s delay in leaving for work. Nope. Not if she had anything to do about it.

Yesterday morning, everything was still wet from rainfall and the sudden cool-down produced windshield fog inside and out.  Especially inside once Daughter’s warm body settled into the seat and she exhaled 98.6° F moist air onto 47° F glass.

No matter how much she wiped, the fog returned – again and again and again.  In frustration she said, “It won’t go away!  It keeps coming back!”

“Alcohol,” I yelled from the front porch. “Where’s your bottle of alcohol?”

She quickly found the bottle she’d used last winter to melt ice on her windows, poured it on a paper towel and went to work wiping down her windshield.

Within minutes she was backing out of the driveway and heading toward work.

Many foggy windowed mornings lie ahead – and so do icy ones.

An ounce of prevention = a pound of cure is how the old saying goes.  Daughter brought home several ounces of prevention yesterday in a bottle marked Rain-X Anti-Fog.

This morning as she headed out the door I asked if she was prepared.

“Yeah, I bought it but haven’t applied it yet.”

What preventative measures are you taking today to prevent foggy tomorrows?

We all have them and usually they are a result of our own

  • failure to plan
  • refusal to prepare
  • delay in acting
  • shortsightedness
  • ignorance
  • poor choices
  • disbelief
  • refusal to see
  • foggy, unclear thinking
  • lack of definable goals

A proactive lifestyle takes heed to the “ounce of prevention” warning and makes the small investments necessary early on that can prevent big expenses later.

Living proactively averts back-breaking cleanups, time consuming delays, and heartrending mistakes by anticipating their possibility before they become an actuality by taking hold of what you have and pushing it forward in the direction you want it to go, to be, to become….

Proactive living doesn’t stand back with a whatever happens, happens mentality.  It seizes the day, works out the kinks and patches problems early on.  It doesn’t wait.  It’s constant movement in the direction of the desired outcome.

Proactive people identify and prevent potential problems.  They are proactive (active before, or to head off) not reactive (act afterward, or in response to).

Which are you?

Are you proactive in your approach to life and the living of it?  Or, do you find yourself reacting?

It’s time to get rid of the fogginess and see clearly who we are, what we are, and where we’re heading.

And, it’s time to ask ourselves

  • are we creating an environment that produces fulfilled relationships and goals?
  • or an environment that breeds frustration, confusion and waste?

To fail to plan is to plan to fail.


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