That Which Lies Within

I sit at the computer, blankly staring at the screen.  My mind conjures pictures and thoughts unrelated to the task at hand.

Elsewhere – that’s where my mind is, and apparently that’s where she prefers to be.

Time and again I call her back to the present task, where (as you can see from what’s written so far) she remains briefly before returning to her favored haunt this morning – that which lies within, and that which is yet to be.

“That which lies within” is more apparent some days than others, and sometimes ever present.  I toy with “that which lies within” but rarely change anything about it.  Oh…a few tweaks from time to time, but no major overhaul…though I do think of doing so from time to time.

“That which lies within” is something I can touch…change…improve upon…influence…toy and tinker with…explore emotions about…daydream of…struggle with…bury deep or expose to the world.

“That which lies within” is what gives Suzansays her voice and what colors the “me” page in the coloring book of my life.

“That which is yet to be” is where my hopes, dreams, fears and future lie.  It’s where risk is realized and what every minute drags me into – sometimes kicking and screaming – and where “that which lies within” dictates I go.

You see, don’t you? “That which lies within” greatly influences “that which is yet to be.”

And, often they struggle for preeminence…for the power to choose direction and dictate action (or inaction).

“That which is yet to be” calls to me, begs me to stop listening to “that which lies within” instructs me to be bold…to embrace my dreams and lean fully into “that which is yet to be.”

What I do and who I am at this very moment dictates what happens next – “that which lies within” dictates “that which is yet to be.”

If “that which lies within” doesn’t possess what’s needed to launch me successfully into what I want “that which is yet to be” to look like, then I need to take inventory of “that which lies within” and run a goal-directed diagnostic.

“That which lies within” is more than I give myself credit for and often the voices that speak the loudest are those that need to be silenced.

It’s time to list my goals and all “that which lies within” that doesn’t push me forward toward achieving those goals needs to be discarded.

“That which lies within” should never thwart “that which lies ahead,” but rather should propel me forward into it – a natural sequence that is an outflow of “that which lies within.”

All too often I’m on the cusp of attaining direction and/or achieving a goal when “that which lies within” calls to me, pulling me back, discouraging me from embracing “what lies ahead” by reminding me of “that which lies within.”

Excuse me…”that which lies within” calls to me right now.  I’m going to answer…this time with a big stick.


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