I cleaned and prepared pieces of chicken to be flash frozen and then placed into freezer bags.

The prepared chicken was placed on a cookie sheet and taken outside to the garage where it was slipped into the freezer to flash freeze.

When I removed the chicken laden cookie sheet from the freezer a couple of hours later, I was stunned to find a frozen Ladybug firmly stuck to a piece of chicken. Its six little black legs were still spread as though walking.

I tried to remove it but it was stuck fast.

All the chicken pieces were placed in a freezer bag and the bag placed back into the freezer – all but the one with the lady bug attached.  This piece I took inside to thaw.

Daughter noticed the ladybug atop it and asked why…?

I assured her it wasn’t my doing and had I noticed it, the ladybug would have been removed and not frozen.

I felt bad about it…poor ladybug.  I hoped it didn’t suffer as it froze solid….

As I type this, I find myself still amazed that I didn’t see the ladybug light on the chicken or see it as I slipped it into the freezer.

I was looking…why didn’t I see?

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