Pushed to Exit

There’s a bank here in town that predates my existence.

As a child, I remember going in and out the doors with my parents.

These same doors – I went in and out of them today.

And, today is the first day ever that I didn’t attempt to PULL the door to open it when exiting.

I credit Mom with my ability to exit without issue or embarrassment.

Yes, the word PUSH is plain to see on the door but ALWAYS I’ve pulled to open the door to exit the building.  And, of course, the door never opened for me.

As I exited the car to enter the bank, I jokingly commented to Mom, “I hope I’m able to exit without issue.”  She reminded me the door opens OUT.  All exit doors must open OUT to enable people to escape quickly should the need arise.

Should the need arise….

That made sense.

As I prepared to exit the building, I approached the door and paused.  I saw the word PUSH and said twice out loud “PUSH! PUSH!” and I did.

I pushed and the door swung outward and I exited.


I shared my success with Mom and asked how it was that she had suddenly become so smart!

Her reply?



For interesting information about building codes for exterior doors check this out. To learn more about Panic Devices click here. To see what OSHA requires go here.


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