6 Things Not to Say to People with MS

I stumbled upon a link – 6 Things Not to Say to People with MS.- on MultipleSclerosis.net.

As someone who received a misdiagnosis of MS years ago, and who has several friends who have been diagnosed with MS, I found the information in the link interesting and informative.

And, I’ll admit…a little embarrassing because I’ve said and done some of these things.

And, you probably have, too.

Now, don’t get your panties in a wad – neither of us intended any harm.  Curiosity, desire to know and understand, as well as true concern can prompt us to say things without really thinking about the impact they have on others.

There are 6 pages associated with the link given above.  I’ve provided them for you below. Each page offers an interesting graphic and a brief paragraph below it.

If you gave this list a cursory glance and assured yourself that you wouldn’t, haven’t, couldn’t, never would…do yourself and your friends a favor.  Click and double check – you might be surprised.

I was.

To learn more about MS, visit National MS Society.


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