SC vs TN


Today (Saturday) at 11 a.m., South Carolina battles Tennessee in a winner-take-all game that promises to be loud. (We’ve already warned our neighbors.)

(I’m writing this before the game starts and will complete it after the game ends.)

Just prior to 11 a.m., Hubby and I will put aside work and settle in the living room to watch the game together – he in his colors, seated in his Gamecock chair, drinking from his Gamecock cup…. (I’ll be wearing my orange – go VOLS! – TN shirt.  A little orange goes a long way, you know.  Don’t want to blind Hubby.)

He will pull for the Gamecocks, and I…for the Volunteers (GO VOLS!).

Already he wears his game day clothes.  I have yet to don Tennessee orange, but will soon. Bless Hubby…he offered to let me wear his SC sweatshirt since it’s a little cool this morning.

(Um…no thanks!)

It’s important to be in the spirit of things, you know.

(Go VOLS!)

Bets have been placed and I’ll admit that it’s hard to wait for the kickoff – and the payout when my team wins. And, they will.  They play in Knoxville today (go VOLS!) so Tennessee orange will be brilliantly abundant.

My next paragraph will be written after the game is played and won.  No matter the winning team, Hubby and I will still be friends…after all it doesn’t matter who wins or loses – it’s all about how you play the game!

(Yeah, right!  Go VOLS!!!! Go Big Orange!  This is VolNation here. We gonna serve up some fried Gamecock for lunch. Yummy!)

To be continued….

The game ended. There could only be one winning team.

This evening (Sunday) the bet will be collected.  Hubby and I will head to McDonald’s and split the cost of a large sweet tea – $.99 plus tax.

There could only be one winning team – but there were two winners.

Hubby is one.

And, I am the other.

If you want to know which team won, you will have find out for yourself. 😉


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