First Frost

Autumn slipped in like a Summer day.

Hard to believe that was a month ago.

One month down.  Two more to go.

Autumn lasts three months, you know.

Three months plus two weeks ago, as we sat on the patio, Mom became quiet, still, listened and then called my attention to a distant raspy sound – that of the first Cicada song (Locust, or DryFly depending on what locals call them).

“Three months ’til first frost,” she announced.

I was dubious. My mother…a prognosticator? Bugs forecasting weather?


October 7 was circled in my mind – 3 months hence. A little early for a first frost – at least to me. But, who am I to tell nature her business?

Summer days, and their activities, filled my thoughts and I gave little thought to frosty morns even when Fall days slipped in. That is, I didn’t until I heard the words “possible frost advisory on the plateau” last week while listening to local news.

Last week…three months and one week from the sound of the first Cicada


No…we don’t live on the “plateau.” It lies just to the East of us where frosts and freezes usually bite first.

But, here we are 3 months plus two weeks – and what did I see when I woke this morning?


Now, if some one, or some thing, can tell me when the LAST frost will be next Spring, I would be ever so appreciative!  😉


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