Got Your Flu Shot Yet?

Mom chose to get her flu shot early – before flu season began.  A wise choice, I felt.

She “suggested” that it would be wise for Hubby and I (and Daughter, as well) to get our flu shots, too.

And, soon.

“If you get the flu, you can’t come see me. And, that wouldn’t be good.” I agreed with Mom.  That wouldn’t be good.

So, Hubby and I stopped in our local Kroger for our flu shots.  We get one every year and apart from the little stick and a bit of a sore muscle afterward, there’s nothing to it.

Except, this year, after the little stick, there was a horrible burn as the vaccine was injected into my muscle. It felt like liquid fire. I was shocked and said so.

Hubby and I compared notes after the fact.  His burned badly, too.

Two hours after getting the vaccine, I noticed a couple of “mosquito bites” on my arm just below the injection site.  And, the site itself was whelped up.


At 9 that evening I noticed a generalized itchiness and when I scratched the itchiest places I noticed groupings of what appeared to be more mosquito bites…on my arms and legs.

I took a Benedryl capsule and still I itched.  Was it a reaction to the flu vaccine?  Or, from the fresh tomatoes I ate for dinner?  I’ve never reacted from either. But, there’s always a first time.

For more about the flu shot, check the CDC’s site on Seasonal Influenza (Flu) and their Q&A site.

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