Keep Your Work Area Clean

I knew better.  I just didn’t do better.

When Daughter purchased a new bed – smaller and more in step with the size of her room – she discarded her old.

I saved the foundation and tore it apart for various uses.

The tearing apart / breaking down process can be messy if one doesn’t follow certain rules consistently.

Rules like:

4. remove protruding nails / staples, or hammer them flat, OR turn the board so nail tips point DOWN and not UP

8. don’t step on boards / wood

10. don’t step on nails / staples, or on boards containing them

22. wear shoes

(Read more rules here.)

You see…I stepped on a piece of wood with small nails protruding from it. Yes, I was wearing shoes. But they were my old work shoes…yes, the ones with holes in the soles.

I didn’t realize I had a problem until I took another step forward and discovered the board was stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

When I sat to pull the board from my shoe, I discovered the nails had gone through the sole.

That explained why one of my toes stung.

I removed my shoe, then my sock. Yep, I had two little holes in the underside of my fourth toe.  Tiny dots of red marked them.

It’s not such a difficult thing to ignore rules.  In fact, it seems tremendously human to do so.  But, when we choose to ignore rules, we position ourselves squarely in harm’s way.

I ignored safety guidelines and blatantly broke rules.

And, in the process of doing my own thing, my own way, I suffered the consequences.

I’m just glad my dad wasn’t around to see.  He would have said, “Babe, why did you do that?  You knew better!”

Yep, I did.  I knew better because he taught me better.

Problem is, I didn’t do better.

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