Centering on Home

It’s 6:45 a.m. and here I sit squinting at the screen of a new laptop.  It’s dark in the house – unexpectedly dark outside this morning.  Cloud cover prevents early morning light and I’ve not turned on any lights in the house apart from the one emanating from my laptop screen.

The keys on the laptop are not lit and the characters on them are barely visible in the light of day and invisible in this early morning darkness.  So, add to that the glare from the screen and the reflections in my glasses, and I find myself typing blind.

Typing blind shouldn’t be a difficult thing for me. I’ve been at home on a typewriter / keyboard since my teen years and until recently most computer keyboards were set up similar.  All it took was slight modifications to my typing skills and I was off and running.

Not so with this new lap top.

I’m in the dark in more ways than one this morning as I struggle to type what I wish to say on an unfamiliar keyboard, on an unruly computer, on keys I can’t see, with hands unaccustomed to the touch of even the home keys.

The home keys….

I’d not thought of them.

Yes!  I can feel the little bump on the F and J.

With fingers so placed by feel alone, I reach out to touch keys that now feel familiar to me.  All I need to remember is that “delete” is not where it should be and I need to avoid the touchscreen at all costs to fingers, wrists, shoulders and arm muscles.  (If I don’t everything I’ve typed so far will be zapped by the cursed wandering cursor.

Wow!  What a difference it makes when I center self on the home keys.  All becomes clear even in the dark.  Confusion and frustration are no more and I’m free!

Home free!

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