Black Friday Countdown

Have you noticed the Black Friday countdown?

There seems to be a countdown on every site I visit.

Can someone please explain to me why I need to know how many days it is until Black Friday sales begin?

For those of you who are blissfully ignorant of Black Friday…allow me to enlighten you.

  • Black Friday 2013 falls on November 29
  • Black Friday always falls on the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving
  • There are websites devoted to up-to-date Black Friday news, deals, ads….
  • People have died during Black Friday sales
  • Black Friday spoofs mock the idiocy of it and calls awareness to brutalities suffered
  • Black Friday officially kicks off the holiday shopping season.
  • There’s a link devoted to 10 freaky facts about Black Friday/shoppers (2012)
  • Black Friday has been around a lot longer than I thought and yes…originated for the benefit of stores, not customers/shoppers (something to remember)

In past years, Black Friday was an opportunity for the women in my family to bond…up early for a quick breakfast out, then armed with newspaper ads we would wade into crowded stores to grab whatever bargains were left us at 7:30 a.m.

It was a fun time and one we gladly ended by 11:30 when we joined our male family members for lunch and a regaling of Black Friday tales. We with ours and they with their own.

Oh, yes…they went out, too. Later than we did, of course, and to different stores also – but they broke off a piece of Black Friday for themselves and shared it with us.

This year, Mom is too frail for Black Friday jostling and my patience is…well…not Black Friday proof anymore. As Black Friday dawns and people scramble into already well packed and picked over stores, I will be pulling the cover up under my chin and settling in for a few more hours of snooze time.

And, I will smile because I got one up on big business and said “no thanks” to all the hype.


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