Fog Reveals

What comes to mind when you think of fog?

For me it’s usually limited vision / limited view.

Fog tends to limit…not enhance.

However, because fog is little more than water droplets congregated so tightly that they encompass and cloud everything…they also touch everything…

…like…spider webs…and make what should be invisible…visible.  Plainly visible.

This morning, as I took a typically mundane walk from my back door to the garage, I stopped in wonder and amazement.

In every nook and cranny, in every dip and valley, in every possible place sparkled beads of water diamonds suspended on spider webs…spider webs so fine…so tiny that had the fog not touched them, they would have gone unnoticed.

Intricate designs crafted unseen in the dark of night would have remained equally unseen without fog’s clammy touch.

Yes, had fog not settled in and brought gloom to this morning and dimmed morning’s light, I would not have stopped to gaze…would not have slowed in my hurried day to see…to know…to understand.

There is more to life and the living of it than what is immediately seen and known.  All we need to do is allow fog to do its patient work…and once it’s settled in, venture out into it unafraid of its touch and its affect on us and all that’s around us.

Fog has a way of revealing what we would otherwise miss.  And, it slows us enough to provide opportunity for us to grasp the deeper meanings of life, in life, about life.

Fog enriches.

Fog reveals.

What has fog revealed to you?


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