Fall Back Sunday

If you awoke this morning to find the world marching to the beat of a different drummer, it’s probably because you forgot to set your clocks back.

Daylight Savings Time expired at 2:00 AM. This is Fall Back Sunday.

Standard Time is now in effect.

That’s “real time,” not government time.  It gets us up early and puts us to bed early.  It encourages a natural rhythm…one in sync with nature and natural living. It’s the way things were way back when…back before we got smarter than God.

While I don’t look forward to streetlights coming on at 4:30 PM, I do look forward to the rising sun peeking in my bedroom window and waking me gently before my blaring alarm sounds.

Like you, I’ve grown accustomed to having more light at the end of my day and have adjusted my life and the living of it to make the most of it.  Now, I’ll have to adjust again as daylight fades an hour faster today than it did yesterday.

That “extra” hour of daylight that was tacked at the end of the day will now come at the beginning.  And, most days this winter that early hour of daylight will be too cold to allow for any outside activities.  So, as far as daylight and outside activities go…it will be a wasted hour – at least for me.

If the government really wanted to do it up right, it seems that saved hour of daylight should fall about noon or mid afternoon. …just sayin’.

Personally, I think they should just leave it alone….  As it is right now, most of the year is spent saving daylight (8 months) and if having daylight at the end of a work/school day is such a good idea (and apparently it is), then why not continue it into the dark days of winter?

Kids like to get outside and play in the winter, too. At least Brother and I did. If you’re required to be home before the streetlights come on, Daylight Savings Time extends play time and gives opportunity to be outside, active and away from the TV and sugary snacks.

I say – choose one or the other and leave it alone. This business of springing forward and falling back wearies me. Some change is inevitable.  But, this change is unnecessary.

My natural tendency is to march to nature’s cadence…my body in tune to the beat and rhythm of nature – up with the sun and to bed with the sun.  Perhaps your preference is to march in time to the government’s decreed cadence which promises a lot and provides a little and then expires when it’s most needed.

Excuse me…I see a clock that’s still saving time…I need to run it back and get back that hour it was saving.

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