Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

That little voice…the one that whispers things to you…that self-speak voice…what does it tell you?

Does it tell you how smart you are?

Does it say, “You can learn this, just keep trying”?

Does it encourage you – try again?

Does it push you forward in courage?

Does it brag on you and tell you how special you are and how much you’re loved?

Does it make you feel good about yourself?

Does it speak words of worth and value?

Does it uplift you and move you forward into what’s next?

Does it give you a reason to get up in the morning?

Does it acknowledge your worth?

Does it suggest that it’s good to take care of yourself – yes, to even put yourself first sometimes?

Does it offer forgiveness and hope?

Does it use words like: can, will, do, yes, winner, beautiful, right, good, happy, freedom, worthy…?


Does it remind you of past failings?

Does it share how stupid it thinks you are?

Does it say you will never amount to anything?

Does it tell you that you’re wasting your time…that nothing you do is important?

Does it tell you that some things aren’t meant for people like you?

Does it use words like: loser, misfit, idiot, can’t, won’t ever, wrong, ugly, deserve what you get, good for nothing, ashamed, undeserving, shameful…?

Does it suggest that you and the world would be better off if you didn’t exist?

Does it speak words of fear? of anger? of self loathing?


Why do you listen to the voice you choose to listen to?

Do you believe what the voice tells you?

Did you know that you aren’t required to listen to or believe what that whispering voice within you says?

If the message you receive and the tone of the voice you listen to isn’t positive, beneficial, or true…why not tune it out, or change the channel?

Oh, one other thing…while we’re asking ourselves questions here’s another.

If you find yourself abused and putdown by others, you may want to take a closer look at what that voice within is whispering to you – about your self worth and person-hood.

What are you saying to yourself? Your voice is the one you listen to the most.  It’s that little whispering self-speak voice that constantly reminds you, updates you, reins you in and pushes you forward into whoever you believe you are.

Take time to listen. You might be surprised.


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