Tattle Tale

“Go out and see what your brother is doing.”

That’s what my 85 year old mother said to me after my 50+ Brother left the Sunday dinner table.

So, I headed in the direction I’d seen him go and called back to her, “do you want me to come back and tell you?”

“Yes,” was her answer.

I knew where he’d gone and so did she.  And, she also knew what he would be doing.

Several branches had fallen across the roof of an outbuilding in her backyard and she had asked him to see what he thought about it.

I exited the back door to find Brother and Hubby busy removing the branches and dragging them to the road.

To Brother I said, “I’m here to be a tattle-tale. Momma said ‘go see what your brother’s doing and report back to me.'”

Brother chuckled.

I’ve no idea what thoughts or images passed through his mind.  I was too busy dealing with those that passed through my own.

I was a tattle tale.  For some reason I took it upon myself to see that other people did right.  And, when they didn’t, I told on them. Yes, I tattled.

“I’m going to tell” came out of my mouth more often that I care to remember or admit.

And, when others said the same words, I sang, “Tattle tale, tattle tale, hang your britches on a nail…go tell your mama.”

I’ve always wondered why I tattled.

I know why – it deflected wrong I’d done, made me look better than others, put me in a favored position, it seemed to please adults, it showed my obedience and conformity.

But, I didn’t know why…why I began doing so. And why I tattled only on my peers and those younger than I and never on those older than I…like teens and adults.

Mom’s words “go see” and “come tell” provided insight and opportunity.

Now…to figure out what to do and how to do – and what changes I’d like to bring about in me.

What about you?  What do you do with insights – do they become opportunities for change?


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