When Dreams Become Nightmares

You know how it is.

The one thing you want most in the world…you plan for it, dream of it, work toward it….

And just when it seems your dream is about to come true, you realize your dream has become a nightmare.

All that you envisioned…that you hoped for and dreamed of…turned upside down in an instant.

Dream becomes nightmare.

…a nightmare you can’t wake up from.

What should have been is not.

What could have been will never be.

All the planning and prep that went into it…all the heart you had to give invested in it…you, your very essence devoted to it…your identity wrapped up in it…your title and name reflecting it….


And, in its place a dream, yes, but not your dream…not a fulfillment of that which you desire most.  No…it’s a warped thing…a nightmare…a creature bent on destroying heart and soul, mind and body.

It possesses you. Your thoughts center on it. Your emotions are wracked by it. Your present is dictated by it and your future is clouded by it.  It blocks out hope and hides opportunities.

It locks you into this nightmarish reality. Depression sets in as you count your losses and hug your shattered dream close and mourn what will never be.


Oh…so sad.

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Why not wake up, say no thanks to the nightmare, and get busy dreaming again?

Why not dream a new dream?

So what? if things didn’t work out the way you planned?  So what? if things didn’t go the way I wanted.

So what? I’m still me and you’re still you. We still have hopes and desires and can still make plans for the future. We can still dream!

So what? if life dealt me a major disappointment? Life goes on and if I’ll let it, she will offer me the opportunity to dream big again. (And, she will for you, too. Let go and let her.)

Goodbye nightmare!  Hello dream!

Goodbye disappointment and hurt.  Hello opportunity and hope!

If you see a spring in my step and a sparkle in my eye, it’s because I’m walking in the light of new hope and purpose…a new dream is forming on my horizon.

I’m gathering all that I am and with all that’s in me, I’m leaving the nightmare behind.

Care to join me?

Dare to dream anew!

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