Today is my Mother-in-law’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Mom!)

I suppose that’s what set me on this line of thinking – or at least prompted me to post this today.

For over 35 years, this precious woman has been a help and support to me.  Has she trod on my nerves at times?  Yes, and I on hers. Do I love her? Yes, I do.  Could I have asked for a better mother-in-law?

Yes, I suppose I could have asked for better but I wouldn’t have received one.  You can’t get better than best.

My mother-in-law stayed out of our business and always (to my knowledge) spoke highly of me and thanked me for marrying her son and becoming part of her family.

My mother-in-law loves me.

Could she have asked for a better daughter-in-law?

Yes.  She could have.

Could she have received one?

Yes. She could have received a much, much better daughter-in-law than I have been.

Mother-in-law jokes abound, and yes, there are some occasions when they seem to fit the situation.  My question is: why aren’t there any daughter-in-law jokes?

Hey, I’m a daughter-in-law and I know from experience that marriage can bring out the worst in a new wife and cause her to create distance, establish extreme boundaries, and form impressions and attitudes based on little more than what the word “mother-in-law” conjures.

Like I said, my mother-in-law has been the best!

How do I know?

She’s never suggested a need for change in me, with me, about me. She’s taken what I’ve given her and never complained. She accepted me, warts and all. She’s taken pride in my accomplishments and not rubbed my nose in my failures.

Being a mother-in-law is tough stuff.  You’re not driving the relationship anymore. You’re just along for the ride…if your daughter-in-law invites you (your son won’t think to).

I’m thankful for my mother-in-love and hope she has a wonderful and blessed birthday!

Thanks, “Mom” for being wonderful you! I love you, I’m proud of you, and I hope you have a happy birthday!


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