Tips for Avoiding Speeding Tickets

I don’t know about you, but when I’m driving and see a police car my right foot automatically taps the brake pedal even if my mind knows I’m traveling below the speed limit.

Why? I don’t know.  Maybe I feel guilty because I know I was zipping along ABOVE the speed limit a few minutes before. Maybe I think I’m assumed guilty before proven innocent.

And, apparently, I’m not alone in my reaction as evidenced by the brake lights ahead of me that briefly flash red.

Perhaps it’s a prey vs predator mentality that causes my knee-jerk reaction at the sight of a police cruiser.  I don’t want to “get caught!”

Did you know that you, as a motorist, is considered a source of revenue?

According to Richard Diamond, managing editor at The Washington Times, this is true and it’s become his life’s obsession to change that.

Diamond offers 10 tips for avoiding speeding tickets. I’ll list four and you can find the others here.

  • Have situational awareness
  • Be ready for anything
  • Keep a low profile
  • Keep quiet

As one who pushed the speed limits so hard they broke, and who stopped her speed demon ways only after being “caught” doing 54 in a school zone*, let me quote this:

“Any violation you can dream up, they’re working on a device to ticket you. You can get laws passed for anything.” But speeding still makes up about 54 percent of tickets, Diamond says.

Slow down.  Be smart. Know your rights. Be safe. Keep your car in order. Be law wise.

And, don’t push the limit (posted, situational, traffic, weather or otherwise).

*Note: I said “caught doing 54.” When I topped the hill on a two lane road, a police car passed me on my left just before I passed the “End School Zone” sign on my right. A glance at my speedometer told me I was caught at a much higher speed. I immediately hit my brakes to slow down and looked in my rear view mirror. I saw him hit his brakes, make a U-turn and flip on his blue light special. My first reaction was that of prey – RUN!!! But, I didn’t. I slowed, turned on my blinker and pulled off the road. He had me dead to rights.  I rolled down my window and got out my license and insurance card. When he reached my car, he asked “Do you know you were going 54 mph? and in a school zone?” My reply? “Um…54? Wow!  I’m sorry, Officer, I didn’t know I was going 54 and I forgot the school zone extends so far out this road.” His reply: “Where were you going in such a rush?” My answer:  “Back to work. I’ve applied for a new job and they asked for a drug test and the only time I could do it was on my lunch break.  They took longer than I anticipated and I had 5 minutes to clock back in or be late.”  He paused.  I waited. And, I waited. He spoke into the little radio on his shoulder, returned to his car, sat there for over 15 minutes while I continued to wait. When he returned to my window, he said, “You have no priors so I’m not going to ticket you.  Slow down.  Don’t let me catch you speeding again. Oh, and by the way…you’re late returning to work.” I was late…a good 30 minutes late.  But, I still had my license and my freedom AND no fine.  I was deeply grateful and offered a heartfelt and sincere “thank you” and a promise that he would not need to pull me over ever again.”


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