Seeing Half, Accepting as Whole

Mom’s flatscreen TV has a problem.  The right half of the picture is white.  The left half is whatever happens to be on the channel the TV happens to be on – at least the left half of whatever….

With the right half white, there’s no way to know for certain what channel the TV is on, unless, of course, you manually enter the channel.

Sunday we watched the final NASCAR race of the year while we worked on our crochet projects. Well…we watched the left half of the race.  When Mom turned on the TV, my initial thought was, “This ain’t gonna work.”

But, it did work…surprisingly well.  The announcers kept up a constant flow of information filled chatter and when we looked at the TV, we automatically focused on the picture.  I soon forgot all about the missing right half.

The odd thing is – not once did I miss the right half of the picture.  And, I never felt I was missing out on anything.

I took what was offered me visually and I suppose my brain filled in the blanks with what I heard.

Never would I have envisioned myself sitting before a TV that did not show the whole picture.

And, never, ever would I have thought myself to be satisfied with seeing only half.

Opinions were formed and assumptions were made according to what I saw and what I was told about that which I couldn’t see. I was fine being judgmental. I had no problem choosing sides without seeing for myself. It didn’t bother me that I didn’t have all the facts.

My experience of the race was one-sided and so was my view of it. I accepted this without consideration that my narrow viewpoint prejudiced my limited understanding.


Life is a race that I run in the company of others.

Please, God…

  • widen my narrow, one-sided view and enable me to see fully…clearly.
  • Open my eyes and teach me to see beyond my own experience.
  • Open my heart and enable me to feel, to know, to embrace the race as others experience it.
  • Stir my satisfaction until I’m driven to remove that which impairments my vision.
  • Forgive me for my judgmental, short-sighted, selfish, prejudiced views, thoughts and reactions of events and of others.
  • Forgive me for running as though I’m the only one in the race that matters and that winning is the supreme goal.

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