Homegrown Broccoli

This is my first time to grow broccoli – the first time to ever see it growing and experience firsthand what it does and how it does it.

The third week in July, I purchased broccoli and brussels sprout seeds, extended the garden, and planted the seeds. Within 7 days it looked like every broccoli seed I’d planted sprouted.

I thought of thinning the plants by plucking the sprouts and enjoying them on a salad, but I opted rather to let nature take its course and watch the strong prevail over the weak.

Within a few weeks, I noticed 15 plants had increased in size enough to overshadow the smaller weaker plants.

By the first of November, the only broccoli plants visible were these 15 – tall, strong, vibrant, and growing.

Here we are now, near the end of November…a full 4 months since planting.

Broccoli heads are fully formed on the top of several stalks. These will be harvested, steamed and immensely enjoyed.  The smaller heads will be allowed to grow, and those plants not yet showing heads will be given time to produce.

Ever since I first saw the little broccoli heads form I’ve had to slap my hands to keep from picking one and popping it into my mouth. There’s nothing like home grown goodness and I’ve never tasted homegrown broccoli.

But, once it’s picked, it’s picked.  It won’t grow any bigger.  And, bigger is what I want when it comes to broccoli heads.

Patience is a virtue and waiting is rewarded.

But, waiting too long causes waste and disappointment.

You see, broccoli will bloom.  That’s why broccoli creates heads.  The heads are clusters of immature buds.  Wait too long and those buds blossom into small yellow flowers.

Gardening is all about time. You can’t rush things and you can’t delay.  Everything in its time.


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