Thanksgiving Eve

One day til’ Thanksgiving and all through the house
Not a dust cloth was stirring, I felt like a louse;
The clutter lay scattered – I’d delayed to prepare
And as I surveyed it I soon felt despair.
As the to-do list swirled around in my head,
My patience? It dangled, attached by a thread.
And just when I thought, “Enough of this crap!”
Mom settled my brain with a long fingered tap —
“Reach into the cupboard and hand me a platter,
And don’t fret about housework – it just doesn’t matter.
We’ll serve up the turkey with so much panache,
They won’t see the clutter. Now, take out the trash.”
( © 2013 Suzan Hutchinson )

All too often we lose sight of what’s truly important – family, friends, love and a thankful heart.

The turkey and dressing?  That’s just the trimming. The main course is thanks-giving served up with love.

And, this can be celebrated every day of the year – independent of calendar date, turkey dinners, a clean house, and perfect planning.

Let love rule today as you make preparations, and, tomorrow as you feast with family and friends.

A heart filled with thanks-giving has no room for grudges, pride, or hurts.

Let go and love.  Forgive and be free.

Give thanks for all things.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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