McNugget Scare

(Daily Value)
Calories 940
Total Fat 59g 91%
Carbs 59g 20%
Protein 44g
Sodium 1800mg 75%

Discover more here. Hover your cursor over the food you enjoy and see what calorie, fat and salt load you are creating for yourself if/when you dine at McD’s. You might be surprised.  I know I was. (Especially since this was listed under the “Dollar and More Menu.”*)

So, as you’re out and about this Thanksgiving/Black Friday/holiday weekend, remember this – you are what you eat. Take care of your body and what you put into it.

(*My assumption was that this listing was for the 4 piece on the “Dollar Menu” because that’s what appeared when I hovered over the McNugget picture. “Impossible!” I thought.  After further investigation, I learned the calorie/fat/salt load listed is for the 20 piece. Now, before you make an assumption about one person eating 20 McNuggets, let me say this: they are small, thin and those who like them…EAT them.  Consider this – 4 McNuggets come in the small children’s Happy Meal – 6 McNuggets come in the wee bit more substantial Mighty Kids Meal – 10 McNuggets come in the Extra Value Meal. I’ve eaten them and even though I don’t care for them, downing 4 McNuggets is child’s play. Scarfing down 10 is like popping potato chips…always room for another.)


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