Every week or so I dump my spam folder.  But, before I do…I take a look at the list – just to make sure something important (like an email from you) wasn’t relegated to junk and listed as spam.

Sometimes I find interesting things.


  • Free access to local sluts. (And, why exactly would I want this?  I try hard to avoid such.)
  • A top secret message from Mr. Paul Kojo. (Um…my spam folder is a good way to keep it secret.)
  • 1 secret linguistic secret to learn a foreign language in 10 days revealed. (no es bueno)
  • Your DNA can be stored for eternity. (And, why would I want this?? Live forever? Yes, but not in this DNA flawed body!)
  • Tim Russert’s sex scandal exposed at funeral. (I’m not even going there.)
  • Brands you want, payments you like. (I really prefer FREE.)
  • Learning that fits your schedule. (Fits MY schedule?  I seriously doubt it. Wait…what’s a schedule?)
  • Always wanted to learn Chinese? We can help. (Tai Hao Le!)
  • Stock up on Kotex and get a $5 gift card. (Buy a cup and never need to stock up again.)
  • Find your true love at ChristianMingle. (When did Hubby join ChristianMingle??)
  • You are one of the select few chosen to try the electronic cigarette. (Lucky me.)
  • Get 50k protection for a Dollar. (You get what you pay for.)
  • Plan a Winter beach escape. (Now this one, I like.)
  • Get found online. (What does that mean, exactly? And, why would I want to?)
  • New workers needed for data entry job. (Wow!  That sounds like an exciting position…NOT!)
  • Of course, there are others that promise big things and fun times, lottery winnings, travel opportunities, and reconnection with lost friends.
  • Lost friends…who exactly ARE “lost” friends…are they still friends if you’ve lost them?

The next time you’re bored or lack motivation for writing – think spam and open the folder. (Be advised – don’t click on the emails and read them. Virus’ hide in many links that they give you.)

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