The Lost Christmas Eve

Sunday, Hubby and I were in the audience for Trans-Siberian Orchestra‘s concert at the Bridgestone Arena.

But, as I write this, it’s Saturday morning and Sunday has not yet arrived.  I’ve looked online and know, from what I’ve seen and read, this concert will be far removed from anything I’ve ever attended.

Paul O’Neill, with whom Trans-Siberian Orchestra originated, said:

Someone once said that if you want to change the world, don’t become a politician — write a book, write a great song. I believe in that, and that’s what Trans-Siberian Orchestra is about.”

“I’ve always believed that music has the power to transport and transform,” O’Neill explained. “The original concept of Trans-Siberian Orchestra was how to make music have the most emotional impact. We always try to write melodies that are so infectious they don’t need lyrics and lyrics so poetic that they don’t need a melody, but when you combine the two together they create an alloy where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Once those songs are woven together into a tapestry they create a story which gives each song a third dimension.”

“That was so much in the spirit of Trans-Siberian Orchestra,” O’Neill explains. “This is a group — a constantly morphing group — of extremely creative and talented individuals who are always trying to raise the bar of where a band can take its audience sonically, visually and emotionally. With that as our core ideal, the possibilities are endless.”

I truly don’t know what to expect, but from the pictures I’ve seen online, it’s going to be…WOW!!

My next words will be written Sunday, following the concert, and I will try to capture a part of our experience so that it can become yours.

Hubby and I just returned home – what an adventure The Lost Christmas Eve and the Trans Siberian Orchestra was!

Though my ears are still ringing and feel like they’re stuffed with cotton and my eyes still still flashes from the laser light show, my heart is warm and there’s a smile on my face.

And, walking in the rain (sans umbrella) to our car two blocks away (in 37 degree weather) did nothing to dampen our spirits or detract from our enjoyment. 😉

It was an awesome experience – a WIN / WIN on all counts.

Three links follow.  Enjoy!

The Lost Christmas Story

Concert overview

YouTube short


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