The ON Button

My morning sleep was interrupted by a loud bang. A quick look at the clock as I jumped from bed told me that I had overslept and the bang I’d heard was probably Daughter leaving for work.

With heart racing, I opened my bedroom door and saw her in the living room.

My pace slowed but my racing heart didn’t. In an attempt to restore normal and defuse the adrenaline coursing through my veins, I switched on my desk lamp, opened my laptop and typed in my password.

I wanted to check the weather before Daughter left.  Heavy rain was falling and the temperature was forecast to fall throughout the day.  Freezing rain, sleet and snow were possible before she arrived safely home late afternoon.

My mind was screaming “routine, routine, routine” in an attempt to slow my thinking and find normal, and I felt myself slowing and settling in.

But for some reason my computer didn’t accept my password and move beyond the black screen on the monitor.


Black screen?

I put on my glasses and leaned in for a close look. The little white light wasn’t glowing beside the ON button.


Had I typed in the password without turning on my laptop?

I willed my mind to think back over the last minute.

  • Upon seeing Daughter, I moved to my desk,
  • turned on the desk lamp,
  • opened my laptop,
  • and typed in my password.


I missed one important step in that routine.  I didn’t turn the laptop ON. It was plugged in to the power source, but I didn’t do what was necessary to allow the laptop to access the power available.

I failed to finish the connection…complete the circuit…flip the switch…turn it on.

Pressing that little ON button does more than turn on that little white light and stir my laptop to life.

The simple act of pressing the ON button changes something deep within the workings of the laptop that allows the electricity to rush in and activate it.

Until the ON button is pushed, the laptop has potential, but it’s unrealized and inactivated.

But, press that ON button when it’s connected to the power source and POW the power rushes in and fills it – and then anything is possible.

Let’s make this personal.

Maybe you’re going through the routine and not getting anywhere.  Potential is there, you’re certain of it, but .nothing’s clicking. You’ve checked to see if you’re plugged in – and you are. The password has been entered.

So, what’s the problem?

What would it take to

  • complete the circuit within you?
  • to turn you ON?
  • to allow power to course through you?
  • to make that final connection that fills you and moves you forward in clarity and single-minded purpose?
  • to finally realize your potential?
  • to activate you?
  • to move you from where you are to where you want to be?

Where’s the break in your circuit?  It might be as simple a fix as…finding the ON button and giving it a push.

Of course…I’m assuming you’re connected to the Source of the power.  If not, plug in.


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