My Sisters

As a child, I always wondered what life would be like with a sister.  I knew what life was like with a brother…we played together and fought a lot…different as daylight and dark.

Most of my friends had a sister, some had several.  I envied them.  They assured me that I was better off without one, but I didn’t believe them.

Of course, I was on the outside looking in and saw only a little of the day to day struggles that sisters (older and younger) have when growing up under the same roof…in the same room…sharing the same closet….

Sure, there was tension…arguments…hurt feelings. That happened in ALL families, between all siblings to some degree.

I felt I was missing something important. With a sister you have someone who is more than a best friend. You have someone who endures the same struggles you do, who thinks similar thoughts, who provides constant feminine feedback.

With all my heart, I wanted a sister. Friends said I was crazy.  I thought: the more sisters, the merrier life would be.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that adulthood would bring sisters my way – many sisters – all beloved, all special, all important to me.

Marriage gave me a little sister, under the age of 8. As Hubby’s 3 brothers married, I received more sisters – all became my Sisters In Love and all lived many miles and hours away.

And, then my brother married. As a child, I never dreamed my brother would provide me with a sister.

This Sister In Love I celebrate today – on her birthday.

I’m fortunate to have grown up an only daughter and to have felt the poverty of being sister-less.

And, I am so thankful for each and every Sister In Love that has graced my life and become a part of the family.  My life is more complete, and far happier with you in it. My long lost sisters, I love you!

And, to my Sister In Love who celebrates and is celebrated today:

Happy Birthday! I love you and hope you find joy and peace as you journey through this day.


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