I was born into Christianity (and into my denomination) and accepted it unquestioningly as a child. As a teen, I embraced it wholeheartedly, pledging my allegiance to the One Christianity began with.

As a young adult, I began to question some of the habits and traditions that I’d grown up with and to seek deeper meaning and understanding of what Christianity was all about and who I am in Christ.

And, now, as I enter my mature adult years, I find myself far more interested in that which brings the Object of Christianity into clearer and more perfect focus than I am in committees, religion, and church tradition.

As a child, Advent was not a part of my Christmas experience. Not one of the churches I’ve attended in my adult years participated in any of the usual Advent services / activities and so Advent, and all it represents, is foreign to me…alien.

And, here we are mid way into the Advent Season and I’ve just now mustered enough courage to write a post about it.

Why?  Because I still cannot fully wrap my mind around it and all it entails.

I know what it is – but not what, if anything, it is to me. Or, if it has anything for me.

Advent has been described as a time of expectant waiting.

But, the birth of Jesus…of Christ…has already happened. Over 2000 years ago it happened.  To say that I am expectantly awaiting The Nativity seems a bit…odd and out of focus to me.

I’m not a child who eagerly awaits Santa and needs a means of counting days, nor am I an adult who needs a religious reason to celebrate the Season.

For, He HAS come. And, He is coming again.

What I am expectantly awaiting is the return of Jesus. And, I see THAT as a reason for preparing my heart, my body, my all.

That advent is what stirs me. And, no, there’s not an Advent calendar or candles to count the days until His second coming.  In some ways I wish there were.

Jesus came (the first advent) – sweet little Jesus boy – and few knew who He was or why He had come. Jesus lived.  Jesus died. Jesus came back to life. Jesus returned to Heaven.  Jesus is coming again (second advent) – reigning KING of kings and LORD of lords – and everyone will know who He is and why He’s come.

Yes, that second advent is the one I’m focused on. And, it’s the one every day of my year focuses on.  It’s what I rise in the morning to and close my eyes to at night.

I am expectantly awaiting and spiritually preparing myself for His RETURN.

What about you?


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