Oh Christmas Tree…

By the time this posts (it’s Friday, Dec 13 as I write this) I will have our Christmas tree up and my house clean. (I hope.)

It was my intention to Chrismasfy, Christmasize…decorate for Christmas well before this but life got in the way and here I am without our little tree up. (Yes, a “little tree” for a little house.)

I’ve asked myself time and again why other things have pushed aside decorating – and the only answer I have is that…

…I don’t want to take the time and make the effort to undo what is to decorate for what lasts only a few weeks.  And, then…go through all the trouble of undoing what was so I can restore what should be.

It’s a bother, okay?  And, life is busy and I’ve just not found the time to do what’s necessary to decorate.

I suppose I’m waiting until I don’t feel like Christmas is an intrusion.

(Wow, do I sound like the Grinch, or what??!!)

Christmas, as it’s celebrated, is a problem for me…has been for years.

As a Christian I don’t have an issue with celebrating the birth of Christ.  He came!  Party time!!!

But, I do struggle with all the “stuff” that goes with the celebration.  Idolatry, covetousness, self-centeredness, truth twisting, acquiring debt, and indulgence have become acceptable (in ourselves, our children, and in others) this one time of the year.

What would remembering Christ’s first coming (Advent) be like without Christmas? without the tree? without the pretty twinkling lights…the presents…the shopping…Santa…Christmas movies…poinsettias…? Would we still find cause to celebrate “The Reason for the Season?”

And, if so…how would we celebrate?

We Christians have found a way to spiritualize just about everything about the Christmas holiday season. I suppose it’s an excuse for our excess…for our desire to be like everyone around us.

Truly, it seems that our Americanized Christmas is an accumulation of many things…much of which has nothing to do with Christ.

Now, I’m not saying you (or I) should do away with Christmas celebrating, or toss out the Christmas tree. I am saying that it would be wise to step back and ask “why” and when the answer is clear, realign our celebration (if necessary) so that it’s in keeping with the One celebrated.

Okay, my bah humbug mood has passed.  Gotta get up from here and see what I need to move to make room in this crowded living room for a Christmas tree.

(It’s Wednesday, December 18 and my tree is up, the lights are on it, my house is…a work in progress, Christmas is a week away.  Now, I await Daughter’s next day off so ornaments can be hung on our little tree. What fun is it to decorate the tree alone?!?)


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