Summer’s Coming!

Today at 11:11 CST (17:11 UTC) the Northern Hemisphere experiences Winter Solstice (and the Southern Hemisphere – Summer Solstice).

For an in depth and easy read about the Winter solstice and what causes it, check out Deborah Byrd’s piece in Everything you need to know: Winter solstice 2013.

So what if it’s Winter solstice?

This is what:

  • for the next 6 months the nights will get shorter
  • dusk will fall later
  • the days will get longer
  • the sunlight will get stronger
  • Winter will give way to Spring
  • Spring will give it up to Summer
  • Summer’s coming

That’s worthy of celebration!

How will you celebrate Winter solstice?

Me? With the temperature forecast to rise into the lower 70’s today and the chance of precipitation 100%, I’m going to dance in the rain and thank God for the shortest day of the year and the promise of longer days to come.,

Happy Winter Solstice!


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