Last Saturday Before Christmas

Last Saturday, Hubby and I headed out to the mall for several hours of mall walking.  The weather was cold and rainy.  The mall was dry, cool, not too crowded, and not so noisy that we couldn’t converse as we walked. (And, snagging that parking place right at the door…now that was sweet!)

I commented to Hubby that the crowd was less than I thought it might be and was surprised by our ability to move freely and at whatever pace we set for ourselves as we maneuvered up, down and around the mall.

Hubby reminded me with a chuckle that we had chosen that particular Saturday to mall walk for a reason – and that reason wasn’t just the weather.

  • The mall was decorated for the season (though not as grandly  swhat we had become accustomed to in “Small Town, GA” where there was far less cultural diversity than we see here).
  • Holiday sights, smells, excitement were everywhere.
  • Shoppers were present and pleasant, not frantic.
  • The “See Santa” line wasn’t so long, or so wide, that it slowed our pace.
  • We could enjoy each other…hold hands…relax….

Last Saturday morning, Hubby and I enjoyed our mall walking date – and we got out without spending a penny. Now that’s my kind of date!  🙂

If Hubby were to ask me to mall walk with him this weekend my answer would be “NO WAY!”

Walking the mall would not be an option.  The crowd would be thick and crazed. Walking side by side, hand in hand would be impossible. And, conversing without shouting…not possible.

People watching, on the other hand…now that would be fun.  And, it would provide fodder for many Suzansays pieces…but the traffic and the headache of just getting to the mall….

What a difference a week makes!

To you who braved the crowds and shopped yesterday – my hat’s off to you as I sit here sipping my coffee.  I’d love to hear your story – I’m sure each and every one of you has one to share. Shopping the final Saturday before Christmas is an adventure all its own.

And, life should have a badge for all who were brave enough (or foolish enough) to attempt it.


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