A Year With NO Christmas

A year with NO Christmas.

Imagine that.

What if Christmas…the celebration of it…was outlawed?

What if…those who decorated…or celebrated were arrested?

What would it be like to live in such a place?

What would it be like to see no red and green decorations, hear no Christmas carols, see no Santas, hear no “happy holidays?”

What would it be like for December 25 to be just like any other day of the year?

You know, don’t you, that the whole year moves toward that date with eager anticipation.  From January 1 we look forward to December 25.  And, actually, on December 26 we begin thinking about the next year’s Christmas.

What if Christmas didn’t exist from this point forward?

What would life be like? How would your life change?

It would, you know.

Look around you – what would you NOT be doing, seeing, hearing, smelling now if all things related to the celebration of Christmas were outlawed?

(For some reading this, the thought might bring a smile. Why? Look back at the last few weeks and ahead at the next couple of days and see how your stress level is.)

If Christmas was forbidden, would it be forgotten?

What would you miss most about Christmas? (Think before you answer. You might be surprised.)

Now, here’s a thought. Whatever your answer was, why not live into it every day of the year in some way?  Why save it for Christmas?

Outlaw Christmas? Perhaps you think that absurd.

How about this scenario: financial difficulties, illness, emergencies, disasters, death.  Things unforeseen and unwelcome can prohibit your traditional celebrations.

Imagine – a year with no Christmas. (It’s a fact for many this year.)

Christmas must be more than activity (buying, giving, receiving, cooking, eating, going, celebrating).  Christmas must be who we are.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Christmas isn’t coming this year. Forget Santa and presents, cooking and cleaning, decorating and singing.  Forget all of everything you DO for Christmas.

Think, for just a moment, about what Christmas is.  Is it the most extravagant and exciting holiday of the year that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day? Or, is it something…less?

Something less?  Yes.

If you suddenly found yourself unable to celebrate Christmas as you are accustomed, and as you desire, would you…could you find that small spark within from which all the celebrating grows?

If there were no more Christmas, would the Reason for the season be less blurred?


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