The Most Precious Gift

What is the most expensive gift you’ve ever received? ever given?

What made it so expensive?

What’s the most precious gift you’ve ever given? ever received?

What made it so precious?

I asked myself, “Why are you spending so much time and energy on and stressing over finding the right gift to give someone who doesn’t even want to spend time with you or include you in their life?”

Good question.

And one I didn’t have a quick, ready answer for.

Was it because I wanted them to like me?

No.  I had no hope of that.

Was it because I wanted them to notice me?

No. Not that either.

Then, why was gifting this person so important to me? And, why was I stressing over what the gift would be?

It’s because I want this person to know of my love for them, of my openness to them, of my desire for relationship with them.

It’s not because I desire anything from the individual.  No, I don’t even care whether my gift is accepted.  I doubt it would be, at least not in the manner in which I intend it.

So why give anything at all?

Because I am driven to show my love and giving is the only way I know to do so.

So I’ve looked for the perfect gift that will express my love and reveal who I really am to this person.

My gift is just that – a gift.

Of course, there is the hope that the gift will be accepted…and if it is, perhaps a relationship that will enrich and empower the other individual will eventually result..

But, if not…it’s still a gift, specially chosen with a great deal of thought and outpouring of love.

We were all given a gift a long time ago – a gift that would express God’s great love for us and reveal who God is to us.  Freely given, thoughtfully offered, lovingly gifted – God gave us Jesus.

Why?  To express God’s great love for us and to reveal who He is.

Why?  Because God desires a relationship with us.

God became flesh (God became one of us) and lived among us.


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