Two Year Anniversary

When I signed into Suzansays, I was surprised to find that WordPress had sent a little note congratulating me for celebrating my 2 year anniversary.

Two years ago today (Christmas day 2013)…I suppose it has been two years since Suzansays was created.  It’s been almost a year since I began this daily blogging run….

So, yes…I suppose it was 2 years ago on Christmas evening that I stretched myself a bit and went public with my thoughts.

Scary thing, this going public with my thoughts – for me and probably for my readers too! 😉

To my readers: thank you for the gift of your presence and patience. Thank you for believing in me…for being oh so kind in your comments.

The weeks and days leading up to Christmas have been frustrating and angst filled.  However, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were blessings far beyond what I’d hoped or dreamed.  God wove a thing of beauty and I am in awe of God’s goodness and grace.

My hope is to write a bit, in the coming days, of things learned and experienced and of the ways I’ve grown…and perhaps grown up.

When this posts, Christmas will be past and we will be moving quickly toward the year’s end. I wish to bask in the glow of this Christmas now past but life moves me forward into what’s next.

Perhaps, through writing I will be able to capture (for myself and for you) the wonder of this Christmas.

Stay tuned!


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