Jesus and Santa

I guess I’ve had my head in the sand.  I certainly missed all the hubbub about Jesus and Santa.

I had a hard time as a child – Jesus was born on Christmas day – so when did the shepherds visit him? Was it Christmas Eve night? Or Christmas night?

Who, exactly, was I supposed to worship? Santa or Jesus?  And, could I worship both equally for just the Christmas season?  My head told me that I loved Jesus more – that was the right answer, I knew. But, my heart betrayed me – it loved Santa more.

I didn’t get excited over Christmas plays or Jesus’ birth.  I was a kid.  I didn’t even know for certain why I needed a Savior.  My parents kept a pretty tight reign on me and I wasn’t sure I would know a sin if it slipped up on me.

But, I did know that Santa rewarded good little girls and boys, and the adults I knew said I was a good girl. So, bring it on Santa!

Usually, by Christmas Eve I was in such a Christmas overload that I was actually physically ill and stressed to the max.  What would Santa leave me?

I knew Santa was white (well, actually he was pink) – he was from Northern Europe and all of the pictures of him showed him to be far whiter than I and the songs talked about his pink cheeks and red nose.

Jesus was white, too, at least I thought so. Every picture I’d ever seen of him showed him to be white.   Imagine my shock when I realized Jesus was NOT a white man.

By “picture” I mean drawing.  There are no pictures of Santa just as there are no pictures of Jesus.  There are just drawings and paintings made by people who have seen neither in the flesh.

And, our beliefs about either are based, in large part, by what we’ve learned from others.

Santa didn’t make it to my house this year.  I guess I wasn’t a very good girl.

But, Jesus did.

I’m so glad Jesus loves the little children – all the children of the world, red and yellow black and white, all are precious in his sight – no matter their age and independent of their behavior.

Yes, I’m so glad Jesus loves me.


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