Out With the Old

It’s sad to say goodbye to an old friend.

2013 was a constant companion these past 365 days but at midnight tonight, 2013 slips away and I’ll see it only in my memories and in the blog posts I wrote.

2013 continued the changes that 2012 brought, but it also stretched and grew me in ways I’d not imagined or planned on: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In some ways, I grew stronger.  Muscles rippled as I threw myself into yard work and gardening. Health improved as I ate better (and less). I became a lean, mean, working machine.

In other ways, I grew weaker. I fretted and stressed over things I had no control  over. And, I watched my faith dwindle as I leaned into making things happen myself instead of trusting God for my every need.

As I stand with 2013 at my back and 2014 facing me, I look at who I was this past year…who I am at this present moment…and who I want to be this time next year.

It’s time to let go of the past and let my next step take me into the future, with each step thereafter leading me closer to the me I want to be…should be.

Do I have it all figured out yet?  No.  But, I do know this:

I need to hang on to the things that push me forward toward the fulfillment of my dreams and lean all the harder into them.  And, I need to turn loose of all that sidelines me, distracts me, or drives me in a direction other than that which leads to the fruition of my goals.  I must be single-minded in my pursuit of making my dreams a reality.

Goodbye 2013.  It was fun knowing you.  Thanks for all the good times and for being there in the bad.  I learned much from you and appreciate all you offered. (Ah, if only I’d made the most of what you offered and took advantage of each opportunity.) You’ve taken me as far as you can go and now it’s time for me to bid you farewell. “Thanks for everything, 2013.  I’ll never forget you.”


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