In with the New

A very important thing to remember from this day forward (and for the next 364 days) is…this is 2014…not 2013.

Apart from changing the 3 to a 4, what else needs our attention as we welcome the new year and all the new it brings with it?

  • What resolutions will you make?
  • What habits will you break?
  • What dreams will you wake?
  • What chances will you take?
  • What weakness will you stake?
  • What litter will you rake?
  • For whom will you bake a cake?
  • What change will you make and for who’s sake?
  • What action can you take to ease another’s ache?
  • What will it take to make it jake?t
  • What attitude do you need to shake?

It’s time.

Day 1.

The past has passed. The future lies before us – each day new. Let’s embrace it and live fully as we lean hard into who we want to be this next year.

Begin now…there’s no better time than the present.

I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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