According to Plan

I’m writing this post 7 days ahead of its post date.

If all goes according to plan, we will be on our way back home after visiting Hubby’s parents two states away.

It’s a road trip of about 10 hours.

I enjoy traveling, but after 6 hours I’ve seen about all the countryside I care to and I’m ready to arrive…somewhere.

Unsure what the weather might hold for our return trip, Hubby scoped out two routes – northern and southern. The plan was to take the southern route because of the possibility of ice on the northern roads.

Where are we now as you read this?  I’ve no idea.

You know, we can plan everything out to the minutest detail but there’s no guarantee that anything will work out as planned.

Why? Because we’re not really in control.

We can manipulate things within our reach and assert some control over schedules, objects, people, choices, actions….

But when time moves beyond the present, it becomes more difficult to control what happens.

We can take steps, through a combination of planning and activity, to influence a situation and bring about a sense of control of future events….but in reality…we have no control.

All the planning in the world won’t guarantee things work out like you want them to. But, hey, planning can help you be prepared for whatever comes.

Being prepared is a moment to moment thing that’s lived in the present with eyes on the future. It’s doing what’s necessary to push ahead in the direction you want to see things go. It’s embracing the goals you’ve set and leaning hard toward their fulfillment.

Update 1-1-14: A quick look at the weather forecast for Monday (that’s tomorrow) indicates I need to update today’s “before I travel to-do list.”  An arctic cold front is forecast to push in first of the week and bring snow and single digit night temps and a high temp of barely 20.

AND – The forecast calls for snow about the time we leave here (1-2-14 a.m.) to begin our journey from which we are returning today. Or, from which we PLAN to return today.

Yep, this is a game changer.  Loads to do to prep for that before we head out 1-2-14 (as I type this, that’s in the morning). Might mean a change in the timing of our return as well.

So…as I type this (now 4 days out from the date of the scheduled post of 1-5-14) I am reminded that the only thing in my control is my response to life as it happens.

Where am I right now, Sunday January 5, 2014, as you read this?

Good question.  It’s one I’ll answer in Tuesday’s post.

Happy New Year! (Yep, 4 days ago it was New Year’s Day!)


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