Where We Were

Sunday’s piece, written and scheduled to post several days before, questioned our plans and our position within them.

In truth, Sunday morning when the piece posted, I was snoozing in bed…my bed.

The forecast had changed.  Freezing temps were expected by early afternoon with rain changing to snow by 2 PM.  Streets were to ice over and travel was predicted to become treacherous.

We opted to leave for home late Saturday afternoon and drove through the evening, arriving home about midnight.  With the weather forecast to become ugly shortly after noon, we stayed up until 2 a.m. preparing for near 0 degree weather, believing morning rain would prevent such preparation.

Sunday morning dawned partly cloudy.  We were surprised to find the timing of the winter event had been rolled back to 5 p.m. and the high of the day was to be around 56 with morning sunshine.


As the day progressed, the timing was delayed even more and the cold air wasn’t forecast to arrive until after 9 p.m.

Rain fell throughout the afternoon.  The temp did climb to 56.  Then about 6 p.m. the temp began to fall and sleet began to clatter down.  Snow arrived around 6:27.

By the time snow arrived, it was dark out and we had completed all the prep we could inside and out.

As we look back on our plans, the forecast(s) and the actual timing of the winter weather event, we know we probably could have kept our plans intact and not cut our time with Hubby’s parents short. And, we most likely would have arrived home a couple of hours before things turned dangerous.

Probably and most likely….

Should we have stayed true to our original plans and the timing of our arrival home?  That’s something I can’t say because I don’t know what the trip home would have been like.  Travel Saturday night was uneventful.  Sunday, however, might have been a different story.

And, who’s to say things would have gone as we planned?


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