Kitty Claws

What a spit-fire he was – a two month old ball of orange fur edged with needle teeth and claws, full of spitting, hissing indignance.

I first met him when he grabbed me by the ankle and clawed his way up my leg.

Devil cat.

Wild thing.

Clawed wonder.

I plucked this little one from me and held him out at arm’s length.  He wriggled and writhed as he swatted at me with kitten paws…with kitty claws.

Kitty Claws…now there’s a fitting name for such a feisty beastie.

And, then he mewed…such a pitiful mew…a little kitty mew…a kitten mew full of neediness…a mewling babe calling for his mommy.

My mother’s heart responded and I gently cradled him against me, whispering soothing tones in kitten-speak.

His little kitty motor came to life and rhythmic purring rumbled from within him – his purr box on overdrive.

With eyes closed and body limp, he relaxed. And, he snoozed.

Throughout the day Kitty Claws would appear and disappear.  I wondered what night would bring and what transformation Kitty Claws would undergo as darkness claimed the world and humans settled to sleep.

My lot was to draw the living room sofa for slumber.  As I turned off the light and settled under a blanket, I felt something land on my hip and slowly make its way up my side. I rolled to my back and felt kitty paws softly follow my move and shift to my front.

And, then I heard it – the puffed vibrations of Kitty Claw’s purr box. A soft paw tapped me on the chin, then on the lips.

I held my breath, hoping Kitty Claws would keep his paws claw-free.

A soft furry nudge on my chin announced Kitty Claws’ decision. He would grace me with his presence for the night.

As he draped himself across my neck, he sighed as sleep claimed him.

I sighed, too.  And, smiled as sleep claimed me as well.

We slept that way for four hours.  Kitty Claws woke, stretched, and finding my long hair between his toes, spent the next hour braiding and teasing it for me.

As dawn’s first light peeked through closed window blinds, Kitty Claws slipped away.

I heard him bouncing off the walls, knocking over knickknacks and upending unsuspecting items as he greeted the day with the exuberance of kitten-hood.

“OUCH! Darn cat!” was heard muttered in sleepy exasperation. Kitty Claws had found a victim in the bedroom at the end of the hall.

I stretched, cat like, and turned with my back to dawn’s light.  My kitten-hood days were long past.  I wanted to catch a few more ZZZs before Kitty Claws returned to claim me as his next victim.


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