Letting Go

I like my stuff.

Some of my stuff was mine when I was a child.

Some of my stuff…was my grandmother’s…my dad’s…my mom’s….given to me by special friends…reminds me of places, events, good times….

Some of my stuff was acquired by my own volition (aka I bought it). And, some of my stuff was acquired at the whim of others.

Why do I like my stuff?

Good question.

An even better question is – why do I keep my stuff?

As I look around me, I see stuff.  A lot of stuff. It doesn’t take long for a small house/room to fill up with stuff…just “everyday living” stuff takes up a lot of space.

“One day,” I think, “I’ll want/need/use this.” Or, “I can’t get rid of this…it reminds me of….” Or, “If I get rid of this what if the giver finds out?” And, “this makes me smile when I see it.”

I have too much stuff and too much stuff equals clutter. And, clutter leads to confusion…or creates confusion…or is created by confusion.

What do I need to let go of? And, how best can I do so?

What can I live without? (In truth, I can live without most of what I have if it’s true that to survive we only need the basics (air, water, sunlight, food, shelter…).

Perhaps the questions I need to ask myself are:

  • What can I live without, happily?
  • What can I live happily without?
  • What would I be happier without?
  • What steps do I need to take to let go of some of this stuff?

Letting go can be hard if we cling to what is instead of embracing what can be.

Stuff reminds us of where we were and who we were and who we were with.  Stuff is comfy. And, we all like to be comfortable and surrounded with things familiar to us…beloved by us.

Take a moment and imagine your life lived as a minimalist. What would it look like? In some ways, would it be freeing…less complicated?


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