Partly Cloudy

The forecast read “Partly Cloudy” and immediately my mood shifted to one of grrr…I wanted sunshine.

And, I planned my “partly cloudy” winter day accordingly.  Instead of working outside in the 45° weather, I would work inside. After all, every one knows 45° with clouds is far different than 45° with bright sun.

If only the sun would shine….  That was my sigh.

And, so I busied myself indoors while my heart dreamed of outdoor work and I griped about life’s lot that I’d drawn for the day.

At one point I ventured out to the garage with a load of dirty clothes.  45° felt…warm. The sun in my eyes made me squint.

I glanced at the sky and saw only thin wisps of clouds.

“I thought the forecast was for partly cloudy skies,” I muttered to myself.

PARTLY cloudy. That means to some extent, but, it doesn’t specify to what extent.

Why didn’t the forecast say “Mostly Sunny?”

If I’d received a more positive forecast, would my outlook on the day have been more positive and far different in my attitude and actions?

Why did I choose to focus on the negative and not the positive??


“Partly cloudy” leaves the door open to “mostly sunny.”  So, why did I slam it shut and pull the blinds against the light?

Perception is everything, from what I hear, and apparently there’s some validity to that.

From here on out, I plan to look at things in a different light.  Partly cloudy will provide opportunity for mostly sunny.

And, I’m going to live a mostly sunny lifestyle.

What about you?  Are you willing to change your perception and watch your perspective change as a result?

Wow!  Things are looking brighter for me already!

Give it a try and let me know how adopting a mostly sunny outlook changes your forecast!

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