From Dr. James Mike

My email Spam folder captured something from a Dr. James Mike.

Now, I know that in some cases the simple act of opening an email to read it can unleash a virus that can take over your computer and rule the world…or hijack your email account and send out things in your name.

But, sometimes things just beg to be opened and shared.  Such is the case with Dr. James Mike’s email below.

We wish to inform you that the diplomatic agent conveying the consignment box valued the sum of $10.5 Million United States Dollars misplaced your address and he is currently stranded at your international airport right now call his phone Number. We required you reconfirm the following information’s below so that he can deliver your consignment box to you today 918 715 5737

NAME: ==================
ADDRESS: ===============
MOBILE NO.:=============

Please do contact the diplomatic agent with the email below with the information’s required.
Contact Person: Mr. William Able

For security reason read bellow:- I did not let the delivery Agent knows that your consignment box contain the above mentioned amount of United States Dollars and on No circumstances should you let him know content is $10.5M USD(CASH). The consignments was moved from here as family treasures, so never allow him to open the box until it get to your base. This is for security reason.

Just supply the above requirement infos and also use the CODE as a subject matter to him:- CONIGNMENT CODE:CAF/XX/05.


Now, anyone with one eye and half sense can see through this email and know that it’s bogus…right?

Not so fast.

If you took the time to read through the email above, did you note the phone number?  Did you give it even the briefest consideration? (Was it real? What city did the area code belong to? What would happen if you called it?)

Curiosity prompted me to open the email – I was looking for an idea for a blog post.

What has curiosity lead you to do lately?

Curiosity opens the door to learning and experiencing new things. Curiosity can also get us into trouble when we are too short-sighted to foresee.

Do you encourage curiosity – in yourself and in others? Or, do you prefer to play it safe?

When was the last time you allowed curiosity to take you where you’d never gone before?

  • Did you find the experiencing exhilarating?
  • Did opening one door lead to the opening of many more?
  • Did your desire to know overcome your fear of knowing?
  • Did you find yourself reaching for forbidden fruit?
  • Was your curiosity satisfied?

What did you learn…about that which sparked your curiosity and about yourself?  How did you grow and in what direction?  How did this change you…affect you?

If you took the time to read this far, you’re not the same as you were before you began to read.  What will you do with the new you? Will you embark on the discovery of new worlds within your old? Will you think new thoughts? Will you uncover new ideas…find new ways to do old things…tear down old boundaries and make new friends?

The diplomatic agent is stranded at your international airport right now and awaits your decision.  What are you curious about right now and what prevents you from reaching out for more information?  The next step in your life awaits your decision.

Note: Both the phone number and the email address were slightly changed from what appeared in the spam email.


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