A Humming Sewer RAT

As I sat in early morning light and clicked away on the keys of my laptop, I heard a strange sound.

I thought, at first, that it was an alarm of some sort – perhaps signaling that batteries were dying.  It began with low tones and increased to high – like running slowly up a musical scale, but missing some of the notes.


About the time I decided to rise and find the source – it stopped.

Then, it started again.

It sounded like it was coming from the closet in our front entryway. I checked. There was nothing in there that would create such a noise.

I checked Daughter’s room (she was at work), which is on the opposite side of the wall.  As I entered her room the noise stopped again.  I stood in the center of her room and looked around…I had no idea….

Then it started again. Louder this time.  And, it seemed to be coming from a slightly different place.

Odd…what moves around when its batteries are dying?

As I left Daughter’s room and headed into the living room I realized the sound seemed to be coming from our front yard.

I snatched open the door, intent on catching the sound before it disappeared yet again

In the middle of the road was a man and a RAT…not just any rat.  A sewer RAT! And, just beyond him there was another man with another RAT at a different manhole.

I’d never seen such a thing. I stood and watched (and listened) for several minutes.

It looked like a huge tuning fork.  The man placed it on the street over the open manhole and it hummed: doh….mi…..so…..la…..ti…..

I could feel the vibrations created by it through the soles of my bare feet.

The man moved on down the street and the humming grew fainter and fainter.

Hubby woke with one question on his mind: did you hear a weird noise??

And, when I spoke with Mom later in the day she queried me about a strange sound she heard.

“It was a sewer RAT…nothing to worry about,” was my reply.


One thought on “A Humming Sewer RAT

  1. Hi,

    I live in Augusta, GA, and while visiting a friend heard the same noise demonstrated in the video you linked to while I was outside, so I started googling. Thanks to your post, I now know what this is. Interesting.


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