Looking Ahead

I usually have posts scheduled several days ahead.  As I type this, it’s Saturday mid morning, Feb 1.  I have posts written and scheduled to post through Feb 4 and from Feb 7 through 10.

Days 5 and 6 are nonexistent – so far.  This will be Feb 5, I suppose.  And, I’ll schedule it to post knowing that I most likely won’t be where I can change it’s post date or edit it in any way.

Most likely, I’ll be in SC on this date, and without adequate internet.  Hubby’s dad’s health is failing and we anticipate the necessity of travel soon.

As I type this, my mind is going over my travel list and my “to do” list for before we travel…here at home, at my mom’s, with work, etc.

My own dad’s death comes back to me time and again as we learn more about the situation with his dad and attempt to decide what we need to do and when – and for how long.

The nurse said today that she believes his dad is in “end stage” – the time is near.  We’ve asked God for wisdom and guidance in timing and details.

If this posts you will know Hubby’s dad continued his march toward the promised land without a look back and we grieve our loss and rejoice in his gain.

And, Suzansays will be silent tomorrow.


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