Finding the Right Shoe

For every woman I know, hearing the words “let’s go buy a new pair of shoes” brings excitement and eagerness.

I’ve known for a long time that I’m not “every woman.”

Shopping for a new pair of shoes (for myself) is at the bottom of my list of fun things to do…probably right below cleaning out a septic tank.

But, when my everyday/walking/everything shoes took a sudden turn for the worse and I had to relegate them to the trash, I knew shoe shopping was in my near future.

Shoes are supposed to protect and support your feet – not further injure them.  My poor feet have enough problems as it is (numerous injuries, broken bones…) and wearing shoes that cause crooked toes to swell and redden…well…it reached the point where I had to go sans shoes.

I did so once before, several years ago when I had similar issues.  It’s one thing to kick off my shoes and go au natural (foot wise) when living Down South in balmy Georgia.  It’s quite another to do so here in single digit weather.

Flip flops at church in freezing weather? Here? Yeah…I raised a few eyebrows.  But, I didn’t have any other options. My toes had to heal from the damage my old shoes had done them.

After running around for two weeks in single degree weather wearing little more than flip flops on my feet when out and about and going barefooted indoors and for quick runs to the garage I knew something had to be done.

I would have to bite the proverbial bullet and shop for shoes.

Trying on shoes is a painful venture for me.  By the time I’ve tried on two my right foot aches like a bad tooth.

So, Daughter took me in hand and we headed out a week ago today to shop for shoes.

I’m not sure if she went along for moral support or for the laughs she was sure would come as my frustration mounted with each shoe I tried on.

What happened?

Well…you’ll have to ask her. She can tell it so much better than I can.

But, I will tell you that we went to a mall that had over 16 stores that sold shoes and we visited 12 of them…I tried on 40+ shoes.

And, the only things purchased were: cheeseburgers, fries, coffee.

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