Time Away

Bills continue to come in even when you’re away from home.  Hubby and I were reminded of that fact while away.

A visit to a branch of our bank became necessary.

The problem was that even though the internet showed two branches in the city in which we were staying they turned out to be mortgage only…not actual bank branches.

The nearest was 119 miles south east.

Our only option was to leave Hubby’s mom and dad and hit the interstate.  As we drove out of town and our pace increased, we felt the stress begin to melt away.

By the time we reached our destination we felt lighter and were able to see things from a new perspective…a better perspective.

Time away was good.  It was refreshing.  It was needed.  And, it was important.

Time away at first seemed an intrusion and a threat.  But, it proved to be what was needed…necessary for our health and sanity.


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